#melb2albury – Stage 1

Today we set off to ride Melbourne to Albury over three days to kick start the festive season! It was a long day in the saddle with beautiful scenery.
Stage 1 of Le Tour de Vic was Melbourne to Yarck via Kinglake. So to summarise the day…

The Team

Brad ‘Downhill Skier’ Floyd.
Joins the team as a regular strong rider. Has done the k’s and plenty of hills, is a stayer.

Julian ‘Car Back’ Connors
Strong history as a good cyclist but hasn’t had strong prep for the event. Natural ability will see him still perform well.

John ‘One Foot Wonder’ Hibbert
Will lead the team well, in very good form and will be an asset.

The Route
Very tough day. Hot with northerly winds, with the road radiating heat late in the stage. Very dead road brought down the average speed and tired bodies early. Lots of climbing, however very scenic with sights of fire ravaged Kinglake, thick forest with tall cooling trees, open flat yellow sunburnt farmland and Australian bush land. Echidnas, black cockatoos and wombats were spotted.

The Set Up
The Team came with different tactics on how to complete the ride unassisted. Priscilla and John fitted Topeak boxes to their front handlebars. Set up worked well with easy access and found it was better having the weight at the front opposed to the back on the hills. The bag itself is quite heavy adding unnecessary weight.

Brad went the ‘rack free’ option with a bag fixed under his seat. Great set up but paid the price for it.

Julian opted for the simple back pack solution. Discomfort from the weight and heat was experienced. Method not recommended.

Daily Award
As expected, John had a great first day. Highlight was when he dragged the whole team into Yea through the head wind. Everyone was relieved to get there quicker thanks to his efforts.


Lesson Learnt
Feet swell in heat. Don’t do your shoes up too tight or you won’t feel your toes, or may go as far as experience extricating stabbing pains in your feet. Also may be the result of cheap shoes, good shoe investment is likely required for a Tour of this length on such poor roads.

The B&B we are staying at has a goat in the backyard. Awesome.


Bring on Stage 2.


About Priscilla Barrington

Hi, I am a short course Age Group triathlete in Victoria. I love short course because I have developed a bit of a competitive side and short course enables me to race LOTS! Like most triathletes, I like to talk a lot about triathlon... so have taken to writing down my thoughts opposed to boring my friends with my triathlon trash!

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