Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Last day of winter at Portsea

Last day of winter at Portsea

And suddenly like that, winter is gone! With two back-to-back weekends of amazing sunshine it is already hard to remember the grueling Melbourne winter we have all just endured. Thankfully for me, for the most part of the tough winter I was crippled and didn’t have to face the cold dark mornings. But with the close of winter and the onset of spring it has got me thinking of the month that has been. As always I have had a number of things I have wanted to write about but just not made time for, so today I am writing a summary that is – The Month of August.

–          August saw me commence back “on program” with my coach. It’s such a tri thing to say “on” or “off” program, like we are rehabilitating from an addictive drug that we fall in and out of program. OK maybe I just answered my own queries about why triathletes say it… But the beginning of August saw me back training the full load.

–          At first my body loved it and appeared fresh from the months of rest. Then around week three of four I was exhausted. I lacked energy and motivation to start a session, and if I forced myself to start a session I struggled to finish it at full effort. I ended up needing a couple of days off at the coaches order to let my body catch up. This was my body “adapting” and I haven’t quite gone through this phase as clearly as I did this month as I have consistently exercised for so long now my body doesn’t notice the training load variances as much as it did from near nothing to full load. Thankfully I have now adapted and am back feeling energized. This has made me realize what it must be like for people who try to get into exercise – they have a great first few weeks, then the adaptation phase hits them and they give up. I am pleased to say I kept going and told myself to just finish the session even if it’s not done as well as I would like, because it is better than doing nothing.

–          August saw me back racing! First race was a local TT in Seymour with 10 NRG Lab athletes. This was the perfect way to get back into it, racing in an environment where results don’t matter (to the extent I think they were all wrong anyway!) and a TT is an individual effort. It was tough but fun. I also did a Duathlon, again another great step getting back into racing as it is a much smaller and quieter race compared to the summer tri’s. Although doing the race before all the serious triathletes headed off to race World’s was a bit intimidating as they all had their Aussie kits on and were in super form. Nonetheless I was super happy with my performance and as always just happy to be out there racing!

First duathlon race back

First duathlon race back

–          Then later in August as just mentioned, the Worlds were on. This was the race in Canada I had my heart set on. I hadn’t been too upset about it after breaking my collarbone, but as it got to the week before I was suddenly really sad to be missing out. Such is life they say and I can use it as fuel to the fire for training moving forwards. It has been bittersweet seeing the results over the weekend, I am so happy the Aussie team has had some great results, but so jealous I wasn’t there to be a part of it!

–          No Junk August… yep, that thing… so I wrote about this about a third of the way into August, and John and I had a couple of “fails”… well… things didn’t get much better! It naturally became a case of weekends were ‘breaks’ and we were ‘pretty good’ for the rest of the time… What was clear was that the rules were too tough and unrealistic (for us at least!). I said this at the start but John was adamant he is an “all or nothing” guy. We’ve heard it before and I’ve now proven to myself yet again that this method does not work (extreme dieting). That said though, I have been pretty good during the week that I have found I don’t actually want to eat junk when I have the opportunity and have significantly cut down on the absent minded treat eating.

–          Since the start of August saw me back on program and on the horrendous ‘no junk’ ban, I got myself a new cool folder with tabs for different sections and started to keep track of things. I have kept track of all the sessions I have done. This has become a positive habit and most likely one I will stick to as I have done it for 30 days. So I think I will add another positive habit for this month, such as more stretching and rolling.

–          So since I have been recording my sessions I can report that in the month of August I have completed 44 sessions, totaling 48hrs 41mins or 629.3km’s worth of swimming, riding, running and strength. That is exercise time and doesn’t account for all the time it takes to get to/from training and changed etc. Add on top of this the fact I ride to/from work each day, that is approximately an additional 160km’s and 13hrs of “consequential” riding… I only just did the maths, and wow! Whilst I don’t believe in counting kilometers as a means of tracking training (I am all for quality not quantity), it is definitely a little bit of fun to see how many hours you’ve put in!

Prehabilitation sessions with First Wave Fitness have significantly progressed over August.

Prehabilitation sessions with First Wave Fitness have significantly progressed over August.

So fair to say August has been a great month! I am back training, racing and have developed some positive habits. Best of all it has seen the end of winter and I can start to really focus on some bigger races coming up later this year.

Happy training all!

Good Bye Winter! Happy Training!

Good Bye Winter!
Happy Training!


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